• I like flowers

    Remembered many years ago had planted orchids, orchids are the father, who came back from the mountains of the inner tube , when the flowers still in bud , root in the soil sweet with a hint of fragrant orchids complement each other . I love to spend bones , like a layer is not stained , do not eat fireworks flowers , orchids mountains just has a kind of aloof and isolated character, and soon captured my heart.


    Large pan of small pots planting orchids , no mountains vast growth in the field , the absorbed nutrients is also very limited. I try to care of the little creatures , but do not know they want nothing but a suitable growth environment only. At that time the house is relatively old , pass the light conditions are poor. Almost all of the sun's weather , I will move those big tub minipots sun sun sun sun , thinking they will slowly adapt , in the near future they will be dying .


    They began to fall, starting with the roots begin to fester , slender leafless gradually withered , and after no signs of life . Ten only a little life still alive . That one has become my heartstrings . Shortly after , I transplanted a cactus , I am afraid is the world 's easiest cactus to feed , do not how watering, its life time is always flaunt let you joy.


    Year scene , cactus grown into a large palm , highly ornamental, and the only surviving orchids though alive, but refused to bloom , this year, the orchid has been hiding its fragrance , it looked far like a lifeless vitality of weeds, it disappointed me to the extreme , all carefully put away , let it run its course .


    Its ending, leaving death , cactus in the near future also entered the death , many times I thought, mountains orchids is not a Reiki , human destruction of its existence , it would rather die nor willing to please aroma I , cactus with life and vitality to please me, but after all it is still dead, but this was as good as dead orchids come let me worrying .


    Years later, I planted daisies and morning glory in the open front of the house . Morning glory flowering time is always special limited, only in the morning , you can see the purple flowers fresh powder was pure , those little speakers are blowing in the early morning song , bring dew on petals sparkling , triumphant Hui . Sun slowly climb, they will slowly put away the small speakers , until wilted , the only wound unclear vines, and the following year re- sprouting seeds. They live very unassuming, very humble . " Yugao " is their best interpretation , sometimes feel like they are with orchids , only in the morning , the bloom of the most beautiful moments, remove the morning, only to see it wither .


    And that large daisies , dotted with vacant , let me full of joy. They soaring with, occupy a place beyond the outside space , a last resort, I would jump out of my designated area only a small daisy destroyed. They too blatantly , and vitality on the ground gently, and finally one day , a large daisies disappear within my line of sight, they were passers-by to pick up , dried, made ​​up of chrysanthemum tea.


    I like flowers, but no sense of novelty in the past , I have learned to hide , like orchids , as in the growth environment is not suitable for inhibiting the growth of or may grow better impulses. Not looking to spend a little bit reluctant to litter , while avoiding the start , but knowing the litter , but is still struggling with how to find a better end rejected.

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